​1 - 3 November 2019


Parties &
Live Music

​the cit

We are very excited to bring you some of the most talented international instructors. Our 2019 line-up includes JoYsS, Rikard Ekstrand, Jenna Applegarth, Felipe Braga, Kamile Pundziute, Arnas Jasiunas & Sammy Gian .

 Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz Tracks
​African Dance Classes
Theme & Taster Classes

Plenty of options to choose from, for a tailor made festival experience to your taste. 

People in Thessaloniki know how to throw down a party. 

​With live music by The Schwings Band and groovy DJs
you will have no choice
but to boogie around,
triple step ​and
​swing out all night.

Our parties last until late, are full of energy and we encourage for social nights where everyone is dancing with each other.
Thessaloniki a port city on the Thermaic Gulf of the Aegean Sea,
​is the second biggest  city in Greece.  
A city easy to fall  in love with 
– it has beauty, chaos, history and culture, a remarkable cuisine 
and wonderful, vast sea views. 

Thessaloniki's historical momuments, lively people, and lifestyle
will charm you soon after
​you arrive.


Hut-O-EE, according to Slim Gaillard’s dictionary means together. Together we can make the swing dance scene a better place. At Thessaloniki Swing Festival, we believe that it's everyone's responsibility to drive change, and take action. We encourage diversity and we would like to make the festival accessible to as many people as possible. Under the Frankie Manning Foundation guidance, we decided to run the Hut-O-EE programme and offer a full festival pass and hosting, to one dancer from Greece and one dancer from abroad that might not be able to attend the festival otherwise.

How to apply:
To apply for the Hut-O-EE programme, email [email protected] stating why it would be a valuable experience for you to attend Thessaloniki Swing Festival and why you would be valuable to the event. Applications will be reviewed by the Frankie Manning Foundation and successful applicants will be announced on our website.
The successful candidates will demonstrate a great desire to learn and further develop their dancing, to understand better the dance and its history, and to engage with the community, but may not have the financial means to participate otherwise.

Deadline for Applications 15 July
Applications should be in English. If someone doesn’t feel comfortable writing an application in English, do get in touch and we can help you with the translation.

Apply for a free full festival pass and hosting!


The successful applicants for 2018 are:
Zoi Karagiannidou (Greece)
Prodromos Chrysanthou (Cyprus)

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